[N.W.X] Exodus 9.5M Alliance looking for new members

Looking for active and mature members. We are a laid back alliance where everyone has family, job and lives outside the game. There are only few rules we ask to follow.

1) CHQ used as primary communication method and it is a requirement.

2) AQ is mandatory and lack of participation or poor performance will result in boot. BG are assigned and all new members will be heading to BG3 until they can prove themselves. With new AQ season we are looking to run 2 BG at map5 and 3rd BG with Map3.

3) Current Donations- 55k gold 12k BC and 5.5k loyalty. Will be adjusted once we get a feel for new AQ season.

We run 2 BG War on 1st come basis. No assigned lanes, just bring your best defense and attack team. During AW season we run 3BG during AQ down time and ask for everyone to participate. We were in gold 3 for most of the last season but lost last 2 games and ended up in top 100 in Silver1. Looking to solidify our placement in Gold next season.

SA reached weekly without a need for a save week. We end up in 41-70% category every other week.
no set targets for item use, completion event etc. Just put in what you can when the event is in session.

Minimum rating of 150k, AQ Map5 experience, and ability to clear their own lane preferred. We currently have opening for 4 members

If interested message me here with your in game name, or send a friend request in game (Morning Gory)

Thanks for Looking


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