The problem with piloting and punishing the whole alliance without a chance for remedy

Look, I get the privacy thing... I know Kabam can't tell officers or leaders who the offenders are. But, there has to be a solution for this.

I also somewhat understand punishing the whole alliance for an individual's trangressions... not really fair, but I get it.

However, not giving leadership any option for recourse isn't fair.

I haven't experienced it myself, but I've heard horror stories from friends in other alliances that have been victims to this.

My suggestion:

When the leader receives the in-game email about a member violation and the point deduction, give the leader the option to have Kabam auto-kick the offender(s) from the alliance. Moreover, they would be kicked anonymously; meaning, it would not show up in alliance feed. They would just be gone.

I understand that this would give people the ability to figure out who it was, but it would also protect privacy and allow alliance leadership some sort of remedy instead of allowing the problem to persist.


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