Summoners, there was an issue with Alliance War matchmaking today preventing Alliances from being able to match with others. As a result, this upcoming war will be cancelled. There should be no detrimental effect to any Alliance's Season performance, and we will be reducing the Alliance War Season Rewards Participation minimum to 4 Wars. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Calendar rewards can’t be claimed

I’ve been claiming the rewards as usual but I’ve noticed in the last two days I haven’t been actually retrieving any of the 6* shards.
In the last 6-7 days i’ve been missing 300 shards to assemble a 6* crystal but for some reason it stays the same after collecting the calendar 6*crystal shards rewards. The only change i had was retrieving the reward of a 100 6* shards for one go in uncollected.
The bugs in the game have become unbearable lately it’s too hard to follow all the bugs and glitches in the game.
I’m not sure how long I’ve been missing those rewards but i have only 1 6* champ for tooooooo long and I’ve been uncollected for a while now.
I demend to be rewarded all those 6* shard I’ve been missing cause the main reason why i logg in every day since I’ve became uncollected was to retrieve those 6* shards, now I’m not sure how long I’ve been missing those rewards so pls check into it asap. By the way i can prove it with a few pics


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