Useless Karnak

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Hello everyone, sorry for my English :smile:

I like Karnak, I've been playing for him for a long time, after so many updates, he was forgotten and did not make any changes.

Karnak is a very strong character, when he focuses his increases chance of critical strike and he does great damage.

1 special attack: Very small damage, with such damage it is impossible even to finish off enemy with little health (exemple 500-600hp).

The only plus of this special attack is true strike against a spider-man, etc..

2 special attack: Very small damage ... my Karnak (4/40) does with 2 special attack (2 hits (critical) does 1469 + 3431 = 4900.. in the description it says " Attack Rating increases by up to 441 base on how low the opponent's health is at the time of impact ". Where is this bonus +441 ? With Greater Strength 8/8, Courage 3/3, Pierce 3/3, Lesser Cruelty 5/5 + Cruelty 5/50 and Glass Cannon 3/3. Karnak does only 4-5k damage without synergy.. from SP 2 o_O.

And he has very low atributes:
Light = 590, Medium = 920 Heavy = 590 + 1376 = 1966.

I have a spider-symbiote 4/40 he does 7-9k from special 2 (crit) no synergies and the Karnak's " Bonus +441 "...


Signature Ability Hyper Focus:

hyperfocus ability (similar to Focus but for crit damage): "Given time to study his opponent, Karnak becomes Hyperfocused, gaining % (only) Critical Damage. Whenever he is struck, Karnak loses Focus for 9 seconds.

Or Karnak becomes Hyperfocused, gaining up the special attack 2 bonus.


  • KhanMedinaKhanMedina Posts: 927 ★★★
    His special 2 is also bugged so you can only hit off stuns or intercepts. They will block if you chain with combo. The focus you gain from s1 should last as long as true strike as well instead of falling off if you get hit since that stupid pose leaves you wide open.
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,153 ★★★
    Karnak is fine as he is imo. He's designed to reward skilful players with his focus ability giving him a very high crit rate and has plenty of utility to deal with a variety of opponents. He can take down armoured opponents easily, evading champions aren't an issue with true strike and daze reduces ability accuracy by 80% for 40 seconds. That's incredibly useful for so many reasons. Sure, you have to get a sp3 to use it but the duration makes up for it and sp1 is far from useless.
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    Also his sp3 negates Limbo and stuff during 40 seconds. That is handy in AW
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