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5.6 ally recruiting for 100k+ rating 4K+ champs groupme needed

We r very active, work great as a team, amazing communication, good group of friends and always like to help each other out. I’ve been here for a year and a month now and I’ve made big improvement in the game my fighting, my champs, my rating. There’s 24 of us rn. And we need 6 more people. We always like to help each other out. We get some great rewards 4*/5* shards. I get 2 4* crystals every week. Alright so into the rules. 1.- be active 5 days inactive u will be kicked. If gone someone or on vacation or personal stuff going on let us know that u will be gone for a bit. 2.- help in events for great rewards and to help each other grow 3.- donate 10k every week does not matter what he 10k is just make sure u donate 10k ever week. 4.- groupme needed. Download the app groupme we use that app to communicate on once u have it all set up friend request me in game (IGN: Legø) and tell me he email that u used for groupme. 5.- ask for orders in AW/AQ an officer or leader will tell u where u will be going. 6.- maps 5,4,3,2 more so 4,3,2 maps not so much map 5 at the moment 7.- we don’t do lots of wars at the moment be aleast 1-2 times and week but when season 4 starts up then it will be 1-3 wars a week.
8.- we hoard every other week so when we hoard dont open any crystals or lvl up or rank ups. We get around 500k-600k points on SA from hoarding.

If u have any questions feel free to ask me or any officer we will be happy to help u.

Send me a request in game make sure that understand rules and stuff. If u r having a hard time understanding tell me so I can explain it in a different way for u.
My IGN again is: Legø
Our ally name: Greenstarz
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