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Looking for members to join our Marvel Family

Alliance: Marvel Hunters [MH23]

We are an 11m active alliance with members from all over the world. We run 3 full bgs for both AQ and AW. (currently running 2 war bgs to rest before next season starts).

1. AQ- Currently run maps 5,4 and 3 depending on score required to meet target milestones. We are working towards 5X5 once we at 30 again and our aim is 80 million points (if we reach this we will run lower maps the rest of the run).
2. SA weekly
3. Support and advice to grow
4. Friendly, fun team with great communication and a strong core group who have been playing together for many years

We are we looking for:
1. Active members who have a life outside the game but also log on frequently to get the job done. LINE is compulsory as communication is important.
2. Min 250K Unless you are an exceptional fighter we can give the opportunity to grow with us.
3. Someone we do not have to chase to do their bit. If we each do what we suppose to and work as a team we can achieve our targets with minimum effort.

Add me on line app: Shazb76 or in game Shazb
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