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Master Event

I’m so close to 100% fully on the Master EQ and I just wanted to know something. I have yet to Omega Red with master difficulty but during Heroric I found him incredibly easy compared to Emma Frost.
With Master Difficulty is he once again an easier fight compared to Emma? I guess what I’m asking is... who gave you all the most trouble between these two with this month EQ? And what should I prepare my self for?

I don’t have Void or Quake but I do have A 5* Medusa at Rank 3. She’s been helping out a lot with emma. For Omega Red I was thinking of taking my 4* tank 4 Gully and or SL/Vision. Can I get advice on that as well?

Master Event 22 votes

Omega Red is harder
XFA_Rebooted 1 vote
Emma Frost was tougher
MattyloSIlverProfessorPrimmer79Darkrider05buttersDOKTOROKTOPUSA l p h aFurious_Fighter1SgtSlaughter78CupidMiNdDrAiNchrissbjordannPrimetime_769PrylankShadPrincejkcjmijiQuattruccijass222LordNeoPennmabob 21 votes


  • MattyloMattylo Posts: 234
    Emma Frost was tougher
    SL will work for Omega just bait his s1. Unless its OG vision i doubt he will do the damage needed. SL once you built up a combo his regen wont matter. You dont want any champ that does bleed.
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 6,656 ★★★★★
    Agree that Omega is easier to fight than Frost. Omega reminds me of fighting Venom -- just bait that tentacley sp1 and then move in for some combos. Rinse, repeat. With Frost you need to try to get her power bar higher than yours (keep spamming your sp1 when you can) so she reverts out of diamond form, and then evade her sp1, but that's a much tougher thing to do IMO.
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    If you stripped them of all their nodes, Emma is the tougher fight. But in Uncollected and Master EQ, I find Omega slightly more challenging because his sig works with aggressive regeneration to keep you at a distance, but then rush in to attack him. In Uncollected, Brute Force is there too so there’s even a higher risk if you don’t hit him. Emma herself is challenging just to get the timing and inverted controls down.
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