11M gold ally looking for 2, AQ map 5x5.

Elite Force Of Legends [EFL66], our profile:

* 11M and growing Ally
* We are friendly, and very Organized
* 3rd Season: Gold 3, rank 400. (we got penalized by one the member, at the end of season dropping from tier 6 to tier 12)
* our goal at 3rd season is gold 1
* 2 BG or 3 BG for war
*during off season 1 or 2BG for war
* 100M+ AQ Weekly Score
* We get itemuse, group use, and completion till final milestone.

We are looking for 2 new members who want to grow together with us
Our requirement:

* Active during AQ, AW (communication is the key, we are playing with people)
* Weekly Donation for standard Map 5x5 (134k gold, 30k bc, 12.5k loyalties)
* Completion (15k), itemuse (1500), Summoner Advancement (11k)- failed to fill the quota, we got penalties for you. no free riding
* 5000+ prestige preferred, please give your prestige screenshot when you contact me.
* or 400k+ minimum rating
* east Asia, Europe, and US timezone preferred


If you are tired doing all the points to get minimum event by yourself, maybe you can be with us, we don't tolerate slacker who are not doing event minimum quota. if in 1 week didn't pay penalties, immediately boot out.
if interested to join us, please contact me via LINE or In game
LINE: ardiansusanto88
IGN: infineos


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