We are aware of the issues surrounding collecting items from an in-game message(s). The team is working to resolve the issue and is hoping to have it sorted by the end of the week. More information and future communications will happen here.
We will be closing/merging any newly created threads related to this issue.


kraioszerokraioszero Posts: 135
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So, I was wondering about the alliance quest series for this week since it is still enable at control panel to open a new one...

Is it ok right now to open an alliance quest or not?

I mean, taking into account this announcement:
Alliance Quest Error


  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 2,028 ★★★★
    yes, to get the daily rewards for completion and exploration, you still need to do AQ. It's just the event quest rewards that they are going to give everyone.
  • You can start a Quest, yes. :) You just won't see the Completion Event due to it being disabled. That said, as stated in the announcement, you will still get the rewards.
  • kraioszerokraioszero Posts: 135
    So in the end we have to keep going with alliance quests this week?
    I mean, the announcement said option woud be disabled
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