Feedback & rank up direction on my current stable of champs

Hi all, I’m sharing with you my current stable of champs. I’d really appreciate it if you could give direction on who I should rank further in my 5 & 4 star & whether I should stil rank up more 3 stars.

Thanks for your help!
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  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 551 ★★★
    Modok isn't the best 5 star in the world, but he sure aint bad either. His heavy can do major damage. No need to rank 4* with having a 5*. I'd say he's worth an R3, especially as your first and only 5* right now.

    Focus on your 4* - one or 2 good ones at a time. You already have duped SL which is amazing. Iceman for sure. Killmonger is amazing too.

    Forget your 3* at this point (other than arena).
  • Thanks Tito. The order of champs is a bit messy so perhaps you missed my 5 star cable?
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