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Compiling and comparing Danger Rooms Rewards

Hello everyone! Seeing all the flak about the Danger Rooms so far and all the discussion about whether the energy costs and difficulty is too high for this event, I have decided to make a (fairly) objective post about this events rewards, corresponding to its difficulty and energy costs

We now know all the rewards that we can get from every room, as well as the alliance and individual events, so here is a compilation of the important rewards to see what we can get from the Danger Rooms (There are t3cc, phc, 3* shards and others but I have ignored them here). Looking at just doing the Heroic - Epic Danger Rooms, per difficulty, we have 28 days of rooms, 14 Uncanny rooms (9 from normal passes, 4 from event reward, 1 for free at start of event) as well as 4 weeks of alliance/individual events.


As a benchmark for how good the rewards are, I have decided to compare it with this month's event quest rewards.
Assuming you do everything from Heroic - Epic for the Danger Rooms, the energy cost is 2268, and if you do everything from Heroic - Uncollected for the monthly event quest, the energy cost is 3815, which is about 1.68x that of the costs for the Danger Rooms.

Now let's look at the rewards. We get slightly more 5* shards, more t2a and t1a in the Danger Rooms, while the rest of the rewards are well within 1.5x of the rewards for the event quest, which makes it actually more cost efficient in terms of energy/rewards, assuming you are gunning for these rewards. I admit that I have not considered the t5b and the 6* shards that can be obtained from Uncollected event quest, but based on the rewards above, which I assume most people deem important, the danger room rewards are comparable to say the least.

i was initially skeptical about the Danger Rooms being 2 energy/step, but I am now convinced the energy/reward ratio is pretty fair.

As for the difficulty, I'm sure most would agree that Danger Rooms are easier than the Uncollected monthly event quest, or at best, at the same difficulty. I know this analysis considers the ideal case where you can do every difficulty without a problem, but if you burn through revives and potions in the danger rooms, it probably means you will do the same in the monthly event quests as well, so I would say that potion costs are very similar or less than that for the monthly event quest.

I agree that the execution of this event, in terms of bugs, leave much more to be desired, but the rewards are much better than many actually realise, just because the rewards are all spread out thinner across multiple days. Of course, all this was assuming that this is not a "free rewards" event like Gwenpool, so people actually have to spend energy and have the required skill to complete the events for the necessary rewards, and not cruise through the quests for the rewards.

TLDR: This is controversial, but energy costs and rewards for danger rooms are fine as they are.


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    raffsterraffster Posts: 1,071 ★★★
    Bro the community should have read this post before whining about the danger rooms.
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    4cyke4cyke Posts: 43
    perhaps,all those energies to aquire materials for lvl up 2*s 3*s should be considerated as well.
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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,389 ★★★★★
    On paper, that might seem comparable, but it's not the same experience.
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    InimicoInimico Posts: 52
    edited September 2018
    I guess what I should be saying is that the difficulties for Epic match the Uncollected difficulty, and the Master and Heroic difficulties match. As such, if you have difficulty completing the monthly event quest, it follows that you should have the same problem completing the Danger rooms (although Danger Rooms are almost objectively easier). It's not meant to be a giveaway, but an event where people get rewards which match their skill/progression level. In fact, the benefit of the danger rooms is that more people have access to it (being able to complete epic even while not being uncollected), and being able to do any difficulty without any prerequisites, where the same cannot be said for the monthly event quest.
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