Lower prices for mastery cores

I don’t want to really complain, but I think they should lower costs of the mastery cores. I’ve done all my ‘basic’ masteries without spending money on a single credit, but getting precision/cruelty is actually tough. These masteries are known as the few that are a must-have. The total cost of them both are 1,350 credits. I thought I’d just be able to grind them out (like I did with the other masteries) but they prove to be quite hard to get without spending. Also lowering the prices would make it better for the f2p players. I think the cost for the stony mastery cores should be lowered to 125 credits, it’s not that big of a change plus 125 is a more convenient number. I’m still going to go for the precision/cruelty masteries but this is just a thought and contains no hate. I’ve carried on to still play this game and love it, most of the time.
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