I need some direction. Please help!

My current roster (all unduped):
5* champs
2/35 IMIW, Dr Octopus & Magik
4* champs
4/40 Stark Spidey, Killmonger & Ghost Rider
3/30 MODOK, Hela, Thor, Crossbones, Howard the Duck and some other champs below demi-god tier

I have completed act 4 and I'm about to complete Master level monthly quest.
After getting helpful feedback from users of this forum,. I don't think I'm quite ready to go for uncollected yet.
I am slowly and patiently gaining t4cc (AQ, Glory) but I don't see myself ranking up any of my top champs soon.

So my question is what should my next move be?

Should I explore act 4 100%?
Should I go for uncollected? (most def would need to spend tonnes of units on pots/revives)
Should I wait for another God Tier champ? (grind arenas, AW... etc.)
or should I just be patient and wait till further rank up my current top champs?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

I need some direction. Please help! 23 votes

100% explore Act 4
GroundedWisdomFrostySpeedbumpMaximumCrashKaks0053DOKTOROKTOPUS10or_StrongItsTheBroskiNoob2435Code17AKanhaSharmath3_josephjkcjmijiakafreakNb2121Quattrucci 15 votes
Go for Uncollected
Anonymous346xananabananaXFA_RebootedCh1efsterB_Dizzle_01kingbRockypantherxBlizzard_27_ 8 votes
Wait for another God Tier champ (grind arenas, AW)
Patiently rank up current champs


  • FrostyFrosty Posts: 484 ★★★
    100% explore Act 4
    The tier 2 alphas from Act 4 are a huge help. There's also other rewards( I can't recall what they are) that will help to strengthen your account. Get your first rank 4 5* then get uncollected
  • ShadPrinceShadPrince Posts: 842 ★★★
    I'd say have a stab at act 5.1 because it is quite a bit easier than 5.2 but also harder than act 4, and based on that decide whether to keep at act 4 exploration or push on to 5.2.1
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 1,142 ★★★
    Try out 5.1,finish rol,get atleast 2(ideally 4) champs to 5/50 or 3/45...magik,IM(if u are proficient with building Stark's poise building then rank him),GR(his attack his low so fights will take long but his utility will more than make up for it) and KM should be Ur preferences..if u dupe thor and don't have the likes of medusa,hype or corvus,u can 5/50 him as well(but only if u dupe him) and he can deal some hefty damage...if u get stuck in act5 then u can come back and complete act 4 but I would also suggest rol completion...it gives a decent practice against stronger than act 4 defenders and prepares u for long fights
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,637 ★★★
    Go for Uncollected
    Try act 5 and see how you do. Honestly getting uncollected asap is good. Because you start getting the rewards sooner and you cannot get that time lost back. Once you get uncollected go back to 100% act 4 then work on running through the rest of act 5. Getting uncollected and going through those tough battles really makes you grow as a player.
  • Go for Uncollected
    I’m level 41 and have a five star ultron, if I can do it, u can 2
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