Looking for New 8M+ alliance

Greetings MCOC players,

I'm looking to enter a new 8M alliance as my current alliance is 7 mil but barely finishing map 3.

My stats:
4500 prestige
275K player index
3 r5 4*
Average AQ of 150K
Average of 15% coverage in AW (Experience with Path F)
PST time zone

Use line but not a frequent chatter as I work full time and have a son. Still check AW and AQ once every three hours or so.


  • mczoutmczout Posts: 15
    MCOC id: mczout
    Line ID: mczout
  • Mssg me @ steverogers329 may be what ur looking for
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    If you still looking we run 55544 or 55552, weekly t4bs and glory crystals from rank rewards, usually tier 2 in war
    Good bunch, we are normally 8.5mil alliance but 7.5m as we just had a shuffle and are down to 26, add me in game if you're interested thanks
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