Korg is stacking unstoppable buffs. Intended?

Hey team. I used In theis short clip, Cap Infinity has two kinetic charges and Korg shows two unstoppable charges (there isn’t a #2 on the buff though). I sucesfully intercept with Cap which should nullify the unstaoppable buffs on Korg, but then he powers right through me with unstoppable anyway. My guess is this is not working as intended and the unstoppable buffs should not stack. Even if they did, I think Cap should be able to nullify all of them with his sucessful hit, especially if he has equal or more kinetic charges. Please have a look and advise.




  • Six_strings6Six_strings6 Posts: 161
    Korg has passive unstoppable which can’t be nullified
  • Yep, that unstoppable was a passive and not a buff
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    edited September 2018
    Thanks for the info guys. I see you’re right. Uggg. What a pain in the rear. Took my 6* R2 duped RH to get through a 4* Korg in AW. I didn’t get hit and still came out with about half health (6R2 RH has 34k health!). Why Kabam, why? Oh yeah... We all know the answer

  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    Sorry Kabamily, but sometimes you deserve contempt. It seems more and more often lately, you’re earning criticism like you just don’t care.
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