Proxima M or IMIW to 4/55

- Both duped.
- IMIW is used in AWD.
- AW attack team is R5 Blade, R4 Stark Spidey, R4 GR. Sometimes Domino for Stark. All 5* & duped.
- Might use Proxima M as autoblock counter in AWA
- Might use IMIW as Emma Frost counter later in AWA
- Might also wait to pull Emma Frost. I have a 5* mutant awakening gem and some units I have been saving.
- My ally is semi retired so AQ is not important
- Did one LOL run. Not interested in 100% LOL conpletion.
- Can get through most uncollected content without spending items so that's not a priority as well

What do you think and why?


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