For some none line allies?


  • Hey partner, add me in the game and we can discuss things. My game name is Nate Halliwell. Leader of The Power Cosmic alliance. We’re a strong core group of friends with a high war rating. Would love to chat with you soon
  • Hi Censored. We at [1Dos3] is an alliance in rebuilding mode. We are focused on AQ, playing in 2 BG, with one BG playing one of the harder maps (e.g. map 4 or 5) and one BG playing one of the easier maps (e.g. 1 or 2). There are no donations and minimums. We use Telegram as our communication app. We would love to have you join us. Please check us out. My IGN is gladiator2014.
  • Hey buddy we are a 14.7 alliance in need of 2 tier 5 aw will be gold 1 this season and we run 2 bgs 5x5 and 1 3x5 starting prestige is a little over 6k

  • Who gets into the harder groups?[/quote]

    It's up to each player. Typically it's the vets with a stronger roster that want to play the harder maps. You would be asked if you want to be in BG 1 to do the harder map. You are not required to do so. If you prefer to do an easier map, that's ok. Again, it's not asked and required of teammates to play a specific map. Suggestions for the benefit of the alliance are made. Ultimately it's each player's decision.

    The whole point about different BGs is to tailor the difficulty of the AQ map to the players' needs and comfort.

    You just let me know which map you want to play and I will organize it so that we have sufficient players in the BG for map completion. Sometimes, life emergencies like family, work, and school responsibilities take precedence. We understand that and that is not an issue. Our goal is to reach the 8 M points milestone at the minimum at the conclusion of the AQ event. And as we get more teammates, we would be able to raise our bar/goal, if that's what we want as a team, and grow faster. So, it's one step at a time right now. We just ask that you be patient and have fun. We would like you to mentor some of the new players if they ask for help if possible. If you don't have the time, no worries.
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