Need help choosing AW defenders

Hello all,

I need some help choosing AW defenders. My usual team is Wolverine, Magneto Marvel Now, Unst. Colossus, Juggernaut, and Iron Fist. I have listed below all my 5 star and 4 star champs along with either being duped or not and their rank. My attack team is usually Star-Lord with either Guillotine or Scarlet Witch and Venom or Ms. Marvel. I rotate my attack team between those choices.

Iron Fist-Rank 2/5
Winter Soldier-Rank 2/5

Guillotine-Duped-Rank 4/5
Scarlet Witch-Duped- Rank 4/5
Star-Lord-Duped- Rank 4/5
Ms. Marvel-Duped- Rank4/5
Dr. Strange-Duped-Rank 4/5
Venom-Duped-Rank 4/5
Daredevil-Duped-Rank 3/5
Hawkeye-Duped-Rank 3/5
Agent Venom-Rank 3/5
Hulkbuster-Rank 3/5
Thor-Rank 3/5
Black Widow-Rank 3/5
Magneto Marvel Now-Rank 3/5
Black Bolt-Rank 3/5
Wolverine-Rank 3/5
Unst. Colossus-Rank 3/5
Juggernaut-Rank 3/5
Ant-Man-Rank 3/5
Capt. America-Rank 3/5
Beast-Rank 2/5
Red Hulk-Rank 1/5
Black Panther Civil War-Rank 1/5
Iron Man-Rank 1/5


  • AEG93AEG93 Posts: 69
    The best champs you have for AW defense (but you`ll have to rank them up and dupe them) are Juggy, Unst Colossus, Agent Venom and CW Black Panther.

    Venom and Strange are decent defenders, and you have them in good level.

    Maybe Red Hulk or Antman can be decent defender when you rank up and dupre them.
  • Thanks for answering.

    I will have to check them out and level them up. I will give it shot can't really hurt to try new things.
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