Proxima Midnight unduped 4* worth to rank 5?

M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 378
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I have 8 champ who 4* r5 and 5* r3 right now, (spidey stark, quake, aa, ghost rider, vision, gwenpool, hyperion, void)
And have 3 t4cc cosmic atm. And since im not in high alliance and prestige not really high (4500) it'll take months to collect 1 5* hero so..

Proxima Midnight unduped 4* worth to rank 5? 6 votes

Rank up unduped proxima
Duke_SilverFhfjghhggggjfhfjgFooshblalalaSvaen 4 votes
Wait for better champ Or proxima when duped
DankestChef10or_Strong 2 votes


  • unknownunknown Posts: 378
    Prox Mid is awesome. I have it also as 5* unduped and am ranking up as items become available. Heal block is awesome, true accuracy,which allows you to ignore auto-block and evade, and increased special damage. No doubt a beast
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