Iceman is affected by Coldsnap? - That is not right?

@Kabam Miike

This has probably been raised in the past, but surely Iceman should not be vulnerable to Coldsnap when fighting another Iceman. By his very definition he is Iceman and therefore immune to such things!

Surely this is something you need to fix?



  • There are tons of threads on this already. If you search you will find at least 50 or more of them.

    It's a fictional universe. It makes sense to take damage, and it also makes sense not to take damage. He simply isn't immune to the effects caused by other iceman
  • EnderDraco58EnderDraco58 Posts: 958 ★★
    I mean, cold debuffs are only able to be caused by Iceman as far as I'm aware. Iceman has a fairly low damage output and high health. He also has ice armor to stunt damage. Giving him cold immunity would make a fight between Icemans (Icemen?) much longer than it should be, especially is the defender is stronger than the attacker.
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