Which one to 4/55?

Of these three, which one to rank up to 4/55.
Duped SL (lvl 80), unduped Mordo, or unduped AA. I know AA really needs to be duped, Mordo is a prestige type, I'm leaning toward SL, but I like hearing thoughts from the community.


  • CapWW2CapWW2 Posts: 2,901 ★★★★
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 605 ★★
    SL. And from what you said seems like you really comfort using him, so yeah, SL
  • EnderDraco58EnderDraco58 Posts: 957 ★★
    I mean, depends on what you're looking for. Mordo for prestige, SL for everything else. I personally love SL because of his fast, safe on block m1, and his quick dodge-back, which make him even harder to hit. That, plus tactician, make him an awesome champ, especially in later content.
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