Next R5 5* Killmonger, Blade or....... Red Hulk?



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    I don’t have Blade, but it seems to me he’s losing a bit of his value. However much I love my 5/4 Rulk, his value has gone down slightly as well. E.g. barely a mystic in sight in AW these days. Killmonger however, counters a few of the most annoying champs like (eh) a champ. And has great synergies to boost. KM for me. I’m ranking mine up to 5/5 in a week or two as well.

    Blade is losing value?! I don't know which game you play. My 4/55 blade in team with GP eats 90% is the champs for breakfast, in AW and in all quests.

    A lot of the more recent champs have pretty much been built just to counter blade is what he’s referring too.

    As for OP I’d say killmonger, I do enjoy using my 4/55 Rulk but not sure I’d ever take him higher, not sure I’d have taken him this high if it wasn’t for an expiring T2a forcing me too

    I dunno man if i dupe my 6* rulk i wont hesitate to r2 him. Hes an absolute beast
  • Do blade bro
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