Coldblooded looking for expansion, fusion and bettering of newbies

We are looking for around 8-10 members to join we are doing one bg of map 5x3 so donations are minimal. The other 2 bgs vary.

We understand there is life but also like to finish our bgs, so war is only a 2bg recreational event aiming for silver 1 maybe gold 3

For newbies we know a bg5 is unlikely but a bg2 should be as easy as it gets

We tend to do 2 weeks of opening for SA and one to hold so we can reach good peak rewards while also getting ranked rewards

We are looking to expand by moving some of our veterans that have no time to play ftm and foreseable future

Only mean to communicate is Groupme, hit me in game or groupme as Rodstein, or check the ally and send Rcon66 or Morg561 a msg


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