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AW multiplier - Kabam please explain the reasoning behind this?

We're playing Alliance War, tier 2 at 3000 rating. Facing one of the top alliances, they are 3300-3500.
We're playing tier1 map, we've got tier 2 multiplier x6,2 and they got tier 1 multiplier x7.

Care to explain the reasoning behind two alliances facing each other but have different multiplier?


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    correborrecorreborre Posts: 37
    edited September 2018
    Any kabam employe care to explain?

    This has been going on since season 2. Can’t be intended, it’s very strange that two alliances playing each other. Same map, but different multiplier. Not only do we have a guaranteed loss when playing any of the top3 alliances we also get less points for the loss than we should.

    Kabam have in the past stated that when two alliances in different bracket face each other, the game choose either of the alliances bracket and multiplier and BOTH alliance get the same multiplier?
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    correborrecorreborre Posts: 37
    @Kabam Miike sorry forgot to tag you. Please forward this question to the game developers please. As it’s very unfair for us tier2 alliances, we literally have to win every matchup in tier2 to be able to have a chance at master rewards. In tier1 bracket it’s enough to win ~half of the matches (the most unfair part is that they get tier1 multiplier and are facing tier2 alliances in plat1-plat2 and their opponent play THEIR map and still have lower multiplier).
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    This is how it works in real life, why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
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