Which 4 star for generic AG?

Just 100% act 4, next step is becoming uncollected. Who would get the most value in 5.1 and 5.2 awakened?

Which 4 star for generic AG? 18 votes

4/40 Hyperion
Spooder_man 1 vote
4/40 Star Lord
Vossler77OneManArmyTendersquadEnderDraco58Zeronaut81SmashRockypantherx 7 votes
4/40 Wolverine
Foxhero007Saket_123 2 votes
4/40 Magik
CapWW2 1 vote
4/40 Archangel
DankestChefJayCeeFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSidDDragonFooshblalala 5 votes
4/40 Iceman
sbdjdkWebby72 2 votes


  • MbizzMbizz Posts: 212
    I should mention I have the resources to take Star Lord to R5.
  • 4/40 Archangel
    AA is one of the best champs to have for uncollected run...wolverine and SL come close second..but AA would give the most value for the AG out of all Ur options
  • MbizzMbizz Posts: 212
    I have a 5 star AA at 2/35 but he’s not awakened, I’ve read his sig can be very helpful for act 5
  • OneManArmyOneManArmy Posts: 1,564
    4/40 Star Lord
    Gotta see the bigger picture. yes AA is amazing for what he does, but for act 5 sl will be more usefull more places and while AA is still good unduped sl is the one champ up there that truly needs the dupe to be anything at all
  • MbizzMbizz Posts: 212
    Ya I’m leaning towards Starlord because I can r5 him too. Thanks for the input everyone
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 727
    4/40 Archangel
    AA or iceman are your best bets
  • 4/40 Star Lord
    Nuff said. adqpn0aipy2q.jpeg
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