Whom to rank 5/50

RobojiniRobojini Posts: 30
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I have now 3 class catalyst of all classes except for mutant and have lined up these champs to rank5 just confused whom should I go first, I planning to do rtl 4.4 -4.6.
Please suggest.
I already have GS and storm at r5.

Whom to rank 5/50 14 votes

Starlord signature 90
JOHNOSA1995DLegendtrey92008DarcilisHazerface 5 votes
Dr vodoo sign 20
FuzzylumpsNoob_2yrsj00mBADarkZenINTEGRALDocMcShottieDarkPath94Lalaland 8 votes
Daredevil classic sign. 20
Speedbump 1 vote
Spiderman classic sign 60
Hyperion unduped


  • DocMcShottieDocMcShottie Posts: 43
    Dr vodoo sign 20
    SL or Voodoo, 1st, then the other second. Hyperion before the other two.
  • DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★
    Starlord signature 90
    Obviously SL to do rtl.
  • FuzzylumpsFuzzylumps Posts: 116
    Dr vodoo sign 20
    I'd say Vodoo then Hyperion. Normally I would vote SL - but for Road - he wont be the best champ. There are a lot of Safeguard and Spite nodes. Vodoo can power lock and heal + the Poison bypasses the Safeguard (Correct me if I am wrong )

    Same with Hyperion's Incinerate. You can spam L1.
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