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Inactive player incentive gift Discussion [Merged threads]



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    You know... I really doubt that after 6-7 months Kabam would be like "You know what... we should send that guy an incentive for him to come back to the game." That would make it more like an after thought. I have no doubt that Kabam is actively watching the activity of their biggest spenders and will notice right away if they stop logging in. I find it much more likely that after a week of inactivity of someone who has spent a ridiculous amount of money, Kabam would decide to send a "get back into the game" package. It is far more logical to send this package to someone after a week of inactivity then to send them the same package after months of not playing because at that point it is likely that they have deleted the game and will not receive notifications.
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    I was watching this last night and thought that this would definitely come up to the forum and here we are.

    I think this is really unfair to players who have diligently been playing this game everyday appreciating the content that Kabam creates every month/week/day. If anyone deserves any reward it is those who actually play this game with passion and setting goals to get better to rank up that champ as soon as you get that t4cc or t5bc for some of you.

    if kabam has any respect for its players/customers/users, they better come up with some sort of reward/compensation for all we have gone through (have been going through).

    OR like always this thread can be ignored.
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    Gigeticus wrote: »
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    Like I said if people have the time to photo shop rewards than they need to find other things to do in life. It's just a game

    Yeah. Then move one and just this oh wehell. It just a game. And im dont Care for what peppel get ther most of Them either get trash champ

    What? None of what you said makes any sense. The fact is kabam is sending these gifts to people. I sent an email to them to confirm it and they said they've sent gifts but can't tell why they're sending them.

    It randoms and hoppen.
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