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Just out of curiosity can someone please explain why war matchmaking will match you with an alliance 50% greater than you. Example: the last two wars my alliance, which is 10 million, has been matched with 15 million alliances. I mean I get we have similar war ratings so that’s one parameter. But an alliance that’s 5 million more in their hero ratings can place much stronger champs and more of them. Plus they are more likely to be bringing a stronger average of champs for attack. It’s season 4 and it’s disheartening to be fighting our little hearts out for a battle that’s essentially decided before it began. Kabam you want to crack down on piloting because it offers an unfair advantage (which I agree with) but appropriately matching alliances also falls under that umbrella and is probably has a much easier solution. Will you please fix this for season 5. I think +/- 2 million is a fair vairiance but 5 million is some tomfoolery.


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    An alliance that's 50% higher than you can place better defenders? Not necessarily. Their war rating says more about their war strength than total alliance rating. That difference between 10 and 15m is likely old trash high ranked 4* champs or a lot of maxed 3* champs.
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    In general. I’m not saying it’s a rule. I’m saying it’s a likelihood. It’s likely that they may have more 5 star rank 4s overall. Again not guaranteed. It’s more likely they may have more people with 5 star rank 5s than us. Let’s use odds here. 15 million vs 10 million. I mean there’s a chance we have enough skill to overcome that. There’s a chance our wallets are thicker too. But let’s say an alliance that is only 2 million greater than us is more likely to have similar lineups. And War rating can be skewed as well. If you are busted for piloting you are dropped back and you fight your way back up. Your war rating may drop to let’s say 800. Should you be paired with similar alliances. Chances are if you are 15 million in that situation you have an advantage.
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    ...and I agree it could be all trash champs. But I’ve also seen who they have placed and what attackers they bring so bumping up the 2 and 3 stars aren’t my concern. It’s the 6 guys bringing 5 star rank 5 to attack phase.
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    So hitting/punishing alliances for piloting fixes the issue on the upper tiers but creates all new issues of “fair play” for the mid tiers.

    Then add in tanking, (which I feel is a fair strategy), creates all new problems as well. Honestly I’d prefer a little longer wait for matchmaking if it meant that an alliance closer to our true rating was who we were matched with.

    I know I’m being redundant but matching alliances within a 2 million hero rating variance and similar war rating would mean stronger alliances could tank/sandbag all they want. Matching would be fair. And for the alliances hit for piloting it wouldn’t hurt the lower tiers they are matched with. Why punish those working their way up?
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    Mmm, I will reflect on this...I hadn't considered the tanking
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    If it was based off alliance rating people would sell champs and lower the ratings for easier matchups. War rating is still the best way to matchup alliances
  • I want 4 or 5 star champion
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    @Brianmartinez for the left field tangent win lol.

    @Dshu you’re right. There are always going to be ways around manipulate matchmaking. But pride and knowledge of the game should prevent most people from selling their champs for an advantage in War. I don’t sell champs, not even 2*s because it means less resources for me in the long run. And then they throw out things like Danger Rooms and people keep their champs for that. Again there will be dummies that do but the majority of players won’t.
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    It’s possible because matchmaking is based on a simple formula so will be unfair in many cases.

    It does not take into account alliance prestige, war season rank and past performance, punished alliances that had rating deduction etc.

    Kabam needs to spend time to fix matchmaking and related manipulations we all know about (tanking off season, deals to leave “undefeated defenders” for points etc)
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    People have suggested freezing the war rating during the off season to prevent tanking but that hurts alliances that are trying to push their way to a higher multiplier. What if you could increase war rating in the off season by winning but you couldn't go down by losing? That would prevent tanking without hurting anyone and it would also mean that alliances dealing with off season turnover wouldn't hurt their rating as they figure out new teams etc.
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    @LeNoirFaineant that’s an excellent suggestion and a very reasonable solution. I wish I could tag Miike or one of the mods so they can see but I’m pretty sure it’s frowned upon. Thanks for that input though.
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