Champions who need work

This is for characters who need work.

The Superior Iron-Man.
The request here is that he get new moves and animations as he is using a symbiotic suit, it would be cool to see his suit deteriorating as the fight goes on and when 'Arc Overload' kicks in, we can see the Symbiotic parts pulling themselves together.
His new moves should be both energy based and symbiote based.
A bit of both like the difference between Venom, Deadpool and Venompool.

I dont even think i need to say anything him.
Damage boost, health boost and give him enhanced bleed and a regen at 25% health.

She should not be able to life steal robots and armored enemies as she requires skin to skin contact to ba able to drain them.
Make her 'Life Steal' not work on;
Ultron, Black Panther, Iron-Man, Hulkbuster, Superior Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Vision and anyone who has no skin showing.

Ghost Rider and Dormamu.
Need to have immune to Bleed, Poison and Incinerate... no clue why that's not even done... they are on fire!

Comment more on what you think needs work.
Must be viable.
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