Which one would you go for? (Community Opinion)

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As most would say Joe Fixit is on the lower spectrum of useful champs, sitting right next to Voodoo and Hyperion as his arena scores indicate. No sarcasm at all. I and I'm sure many other just put in like 2 mil to pick him up so that when we do pull him from a crystal it will be a little less disappointing since we get ISO and 5* shards. Coming up on this next round what do you guys think would be more benificial for the average player. My personal thoughts are 11-25% rewards, a little less grind time and possibly a little more value. Feel free to express your thoughts on the topic! :)

Which one would you go for? (Community Opinion) 6 votes

I would go for a dupe on Joe Fixit and 300 5* shards. (1%-10% rewards)
I would go for 500 4* shards and 200 5* shards. (11%-25%)
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