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Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

10m / tier 1 aw/ 4900 prestige alliance LF 1

Group of highly skilled fighters. 2/3 alliance has completed LoL. No items used in tier 1 aw. Must be 4800 prestige minimum and no we will not "consider 4200-4600" range. If you're not our minimum we won't consider you at all. Also must be able to handle your lane in tier 1 aw and aq or you'll be removed.

Contact me on line: sjbrewe2


  • Sjbrewe2Sjbrewe2 Posts: 157
    Still looking
  • Sjbrewe2Sjbrewe2 Posts: 157
  • Sjbrewe2Sjbrewe2 Posts: 157
    Prestige is now over 4900.
  • Onegod007Onegod007 Posts: 9
    Expressing interest. GT and line id is onegod007. Prestige is 4833. Looking to transition closer to the end of the month though could consider an earlier transfer. Highlights below:

    Hero Rating 373K

    PI Champs:
    5* SL R4 at 40 sig lvl
    5* Hood R3 at 40 sig lvl
    4* Mordo R5 99 sig lvl
    4* Quake R5 40 sig lvl
    4* Gwenpool R5 40 sig lvl

    12 R5 4*s
    3 R3 or better 5*s (storm being the other)

    AW Def is (32K def rating):
    R3 5* Hood
    R5 4* NC Duped sig lvl 70
    R5 4* Magik Duped
    R3 5* Storm
    R5 4* Mordo

    You can contact me on line if you like and I can share more if you need. I am one of my ally's boss killers in AQ and generally can hold my own in war (better on right side and working on getting better against stun immune champs).

  • Sjbrewe2Sjbrewe2 Posts: 157
    Need one still
  • Sjbrewe2Sjbrewe2 Posts: 157
    4900 prestige minimum
  • Sjbrewe2Sjbrewe2 Posts: 157
    Still need a couple
  • kiddokiddo Posts: 18
    May I ask what "prestige" is and how i find mine?
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