Another 2 Bugs with Iceman

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In uncollected event, last mission, today at 16h37 (Germany), I had to discover two more bugs with Iceman:
After recognizing that some special 1 attacks did not put coldsnap on Ultron (bug #1, I‘m afraid no video is available), I started recording my screen.
Now what I saw was Iceman‘s coldsnap debuff being removed along with other buffs - in this case together with parry/stun debuff (bug #2). Check my video:


  • The coldsnap expiration is a confirmed bug, already being looked at.

    You say you weren't able to place a coldsnap with your sp1 against Ultron. That's not a bug, is his ability to reduce opponent's offensive ability by X% per armor buff
  • The_LiasThe_Lias Posts: 15
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    I haven‘t tried/observed this against other champs.

    I wasn‘t aware of Ultron‘s ability reduce ability.

    I have only seen discussions about a coldsnap bug running out if you place a second coldsnap debuff. This case is different as it runs out in combination with another debuff.
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