Instead of two new champions, just one new champion and one old champion buffed

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New champions are really good but still, I believe there are lots of potential in old champions like a new one. can we get one monthly quest like this?


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    That's a good idea. New champs tend to be god/demi god tier, and having two of them makes the older champs a bit more obsolete. I'd like this idea, and kabam could even do a poll or something to see which champs the community would like to see buffed.
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    Each champion has the unique ability. I am just saying old champion should match the new difficulty level so people continue used old champion.otherwise, every player had so many champions but use only 6-8 champ.
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    New champ revenue = x
    Old champ revenue = x / 100

    Desire to update old champs vs releasing new champs = 1 / 100
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    I think it would be great if they focused on reviewing / updating all the original champs from when the game first launched, then worked through all the ones introduced early in the game (e.g. first 12 months). Not all of these will need to be buffed (many will as mentioned) but I'm sure most would benefit from some kind of update (new look, new special 3 / victory video, adjust who they synergy with). .... and when you review / update original Capt America, deal with those creepy eyes in his portrait pic please. Yeeesh.
    Thanks Team,
  • Kabam stated, when they nerfed Thor back in the day, that he was making the current champions obsolete with his stacking 3 armor breaks... now all these new champs are making the first 2 yrs I was playing completely obsolete. Smh.... rank that garbage up for diversity though.
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    New champions are really good but still, I believe there are lots of potential in old champions like a new one. can we get one monthly quest like this?

    I agree it would be nice to get one and buff another one.
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    (Copied from one of my recent discussions) To be short and sweet. Almost all old original champions are either boring to play as or missing some aspects to their character.

    As I was fighting omega red with wolverine, I noticed how basic wolverine's attack animations are.

    Compared to new champions such as
    Captain marvel, sentry, Doc Ock, sabertooth, iron man (infinity war), old champions have very boring and basic animations. Some are even missing abilities they have in the comics since forever.

    Compare Spider-man(classic) to
    Spider-man (Stark enhanced) and you see personality and how fast and agile Spider-man (stark enhanced) is but classic Spider-man is stiff? And fights like a normal martial artist?

    Wolverine and Black Panther have the same attack animations. Basic and boring. Yet X-23 and black panther from civil war have unique animations that show off their character.

    A few years ago, before Mr.Fix it was introduced, almost all big champions such as hulk, abomination and rhino had the Same exact animations and this was fixed later down the line.

    Why is a man who is the best fighter in comic book history with claws comic out of his hands, fighting like a normal person? Why does Symbiote Spider-man have a symbiote on but has the same animations as classic spider-man? Imagine venom was animated to fight like colossus.

    Hulk is missing his iconic healing factor, but other hulk champions have it? Where is wolverine's berserker rage? Captain America is the first avenger yet Taskmaster and Civil Warrior look 10 million times better than him with a shield. Civil Warrior and Cap are the same person. How come almost all female champions have the exact same fighting animations?

    Another time, dr.strange and iron fist, and Drax had basic and regular standing punching kicking animations and were changed drastically for the better to fit the characters. So this request isn't out of the ordinary. Spider-gwen just had her special 1 animation changed this past week.

    Older Champions are outshined by newer champions and are too basic. Storm has the power of weather at her finger tips. Lighting surges through her body yet she fights the exact same way as classic captain marvel, ms marvel, magik, gamora etc.

    List of basic copies
    Spider-man (Symbiote)
    Miles Morales
    Black Panther
    Deadpool (xforce)
    All iron men fight the same
    Captain America

    Captain Marvel (classic)
    Ms.Marvel (classic)
    Scarlet Witch
    Black Widow

    I'm not asking for brand new animations, but at least improve them or mix it up a bit, because these new champions are fireworks exploding compared to these old champions that are just a lit match being blown out.

    Ps. Why does captain America's 3rd special look so dumb?
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