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Corvus team

Hi folks so for those of you with Corvus in a 3 person team for aw or aq who have you used for synergy bonuses and what are your favorites for best team members? I have looked up the synergies on the marvel synergies site so I know who he gets bonuses from just looking for some real world / use experiences.


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    For AQ/AW, I solely use Corvus for all fights with Proxima Midnight (True Strike) and Doctor Strange (14% Attack Increase (Not that he needs it.)) synergies.

    For Questing, hell, I still solely use Corvus with Wolvie, Red Mag, Cyclops, Storm/PM synergies.
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    My attack team is corvus, rulk and x23. Nice +10% perfect block for everyone. Also +10% attack for x23.
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