Are you looking for a relaxed retirement Alliance?

We’re a very relaxed retirement Alliance looking for a couple of veteran players who need a break. We’re 16 members and 8.2mm, so our average rating is over 500k. We do one BG in AW and run map 2 in AQ because it is free and doesn’t tie up our champs. AQ and Alliance events are voluntary. AW is first come, first served. No donations, no minimums. We’d like for you to play AW if needed so we can load 10 every war. Some of us have retired from AW. :smile: Others still like to play AW.

If interested, message me in game, FabiusBR, or friend me in Line, fabiusbr, with no caps.


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    dkatryldkatryl Posts: 672 ★★★
    edited September 2018
    I got tired of the AQ/AW grind, locking my best champs all the time, so I've been playing solo for months. I wouldn't mind being in an alliance, but don't want to get back on the AQ/AW treadmill, so this looks like the perfect alliance for me. I mostly just do arenas and the monthly EQ Heroic/Master/UC. But AQ map 2's lack of restrictions is perfect for me.

    Sent a request, username is the same as my forum one.
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