Recovery after an AI s3

They are on top of you before you even get up. Anyone else notice this?


  • djmindblazerdjmindblazer Posts: 76
    made couple post about that still no answer u cant even block u get rekt everytime
  • WrongWrong Posts: 51
    Or they respond with a heavy. Its not every time, enough to be annoying tho.
  • Billybob1971Billybob1971 Posts: 113
    Depends on how much health you have left I find. If you have managed to get them to set off a special and afterwards still have say half health left they are no so bad, any less than that and they hit a sort of berserk mode.

    This is especially true if they have managed to get you stuck on the left hand wall, then, your character usually slows up, gets sticky and they nearly always finish you off with super fast heavies and combos.

    Just ruthless AI that's all
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