Feedback Carnage/Venom Beta or Not

I’m one of many. Unable to join beta due to a bug. Still, I’d like to give feedback on these champs, so here it is.

Carnage- Bleed ability (17?/bleed ) should be upgraded to at minimum match lowest bleed rates ability in game. 170?. Or change the ability to “Scratch” :P Much needed attention to his mutations. WaaaY to difficult to gain multiple mutations while maintaing health, much less all of them. Additionally, all abilities are simply weak.

Venom- As with Carnage- all abilities are very weak in contrast to the level of difficulty it takes to obtain multiple symbiosis. Espically compared to other Champs. Morningstars Signature is stronger than both of these champs if they were to somehow mesh and make a new Carnoundrum. -enom.


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    Beta Testers/Players with Carnage and Venom- Please leave feedback upcoming changes to Carnage & Venom. Posted here as betas buggy.
  • I like what you’ve done with Venom. The true strike and bleed bumps. Makes him a competitive champ. Carnage, not so much. Still trash. Don’t even like using him in arenas.
  • Yup been trying for a couple of days and still can't get in to do the beta test. Just opens up a basic account that starts you from the beginning.
  • Venom is much better. Carnage update is garbage
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    Venom is better (keep the buff you have in beta.. maybe instead of 18% for true strike to activate, make it 20 or 25%, then at 18% venom attack is unblockable like assassins mastery etc, any sp is unblockable)

    Carnage (the stack of fury is great idea, maybe max of 10 fury, bleed stack expire way faster than it needs to be), carnage is way more savage than venom and he is supposed to be superior to venom in bloodlust.. his hands can morph into shields (shield buff) or axes (bleed stack) or hammer (concussion) to pummel his opponents in a frenzy.. causing major bleeding and concussion damage (read the comics).. it takes spiderman and venom teamwork to subdue carnage, and they had difficulty doing it, since he had symbiote too.. spider-verse characters should not have easy time to evade him (carnage needs same buff as venom plus some extras).

    Blade should be able to detect carnage because of his evil intent and blood lust.
  • Venom has been greatly buffed, but carnage still needs work
  • First off, thanks for rebuffing Venom. Much needed and deserved. Really great ideas have been applied. Here's my input.

    Venom: I am not seeing a difference (increase) of bleed damage after I apply the armor break. The bleed is the same with and without it.
    The armor and physical resistant buffs are pointless. Maybe eliminate one or both entirely. Possible create a new Klyntar buff that reduces debuffs by a percentage. Example: each Klyntar buff reduces debuffs by 10-20%.
    When Venom is below 18% health: a permanent klyntar buff should be active for the rest of the fight similar to Agent Venom's ability.
    The last 2 updates mentioned would make him a viable AW defender.
    Venom needs the ability to replicate. Its the signature of the symbiotic DNA to copy. Maybe place the 100% replicate back on his L3?
    The L1 regen needs to be more viable. I understand its 55% chance per strike but its still not dependable.

    Carnage is fun but doesn't have a place in the game outside of some questing.
  • To be honest Carnage buff shows in Beta is GOOD damage wise. The ramp up mechanic will be okay with me IF you make his base stat par with normal champs. I think seeing the youtube videos his base still the lowest fix this and he is now the cosmic bleed Starlord.
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    I feel like venoms specials need to do more damage
    I’d like to see carnage get a power drain
  • As a fan of both venom & carnage, I'm happy with the new changes. That being said, there's still room for improvement.tried both the 4* & 5* version of both awakened & unawaken. Venom's new ability to heal is nice but with a greater chance like venompool, would make it on par with him.the ability to reset his buffs is good but wish that i could have more control over it, like with carnage. The other changes done should stay as is. In the comics venom doesn't trigger Spiderman's spider sense. Now, it's more faithful to the original material. Carnage's changes are more effective awakened to be honest & more noticeable. Awakened, hitting a bleeding opponent made me gain power like crazy & hit them with more specials & faster too. His crit rating needs a bump through. Once i got 2 crit buffs & 3 furies mutations, it really made an improvement. However, if his mutation timer was shortened, it would improve his chance to keep the buff i want. That or an ability to reset his buffs. It was a nice touch to include rank up gems & rank down tickets in the beta to truly test what the new changes are capable of at different levels of the champs in question.
  • Anyone know where the link is survey ?
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