Summoners, we are aware of an issue where the Summoner Sigil's Golden Circle Quest is not available to all players. We are continuing to investigate this. We will be sure to compensate for any missed Gold once we have fixed the issue.

War doesn't reflect seasons

As an alliance we are just under 6 million. We are getting pitched against 8 million and 10 million alliances. We have lost the last 5 wars and have moved down the tiers with this new terrible map. We clear 3 BG's and so does our opposition. We keep moving up in seasons as we are now gold 2. This does not reflect our tier also we can't ever seeing us getting away from this map any time soon. Its too easy to select the right champs to get through these nodes. This map is the worst thing I've seen in wars since I've played the game full stop


  • Reaper213Reaper213 Posts: 167
    You and your ally are still building clearly. Keep playing, expanding roster and get better. A lot of us grind religiously for 3yrs and have the rosters and skills that can handle more difficult tiers. Don’t quit and keep grinding :)
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