**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
We have not set an end-date for the new period, but we will update this banner when we have more information.

Anyone seeking a place to slow things down abit

Introduction message to new recruits:


The alliance of Vårsaga was started on March 22nd, 2015, by a Swedish couple. “Vårsaga” is their family name.

Today Vårsaga is a relaxed, donation free, AW focused alliance for awesome adult veterans who want a good balance between this game and real life. In our team you will find a lot of members with work and family. All of us are active daily, but we don’t expect anyone to take bathrooms breaks at work just to take down nodes in AQ.
Below you’ll find our guidelines.

We are always nice and respectful to each other. We forgive mistakes, and we are happy when teammates succeed. The point of any game is to enjoy it, so nothing is more important than having fun together!

We want active members, but we understand and respect that real life has to come first. If anyone of us has to be inactive for a while, we’ll tell our team mates about the reason for it.

To work well as a team, it’s important that we all talk to each other. We share information through chatrooms on the free app LINE.

"Vsaga: Main chat" is a place where we can talk about anything: Rank ups, the best mastery setup or what you ate for breakfast.
This chatroom has a lot of useful info in its notes.

"Vsaga: Announcements" is reserved for relevant information about wars, events, duels and changes to the alliance.

We also have one chatroom for each active Alliance War Battlegroup.

All events in our alliance are based on voluntary participation.
Not even events like Duels and Completion are mandatory, because we trust that you will contribute anyway to help your teammates and your alliance.

All members share the responsibility of running the alliance. Every member who has been with the alliance for a while and shown themselves trustworthy is given officer clearance, so that they can start or restart AQ and help out with placement in AW when asked to do so.

A smaller number of members are chosen to be team leaders. Only they will have the title “officer” next to their name on LINE.

We usually do Map 3 and focus on completing the first 2 battlegroups. Moving forward, we might devote 1 BG Map 4 or 5.

We run 3 wars per week with 2 battlegroups. This gives our members the option to stay out of a war when real life duties comes in between. 10 spots are fixed (5 in each BG) and the remaining 20 members hets to join every second war. If you can’t participate in a war, or would like to participate in 1 that you are not scheduled for, you can always switch spots with a team mate.
With the help of our team leaders, we coordinate our defense setups to combine badass defenders with high diversity.

Remember that the defenders you have placed can still be used in quests during the placement phase, and even longer if they are locked in a quest when the war starts.

Last, but not least: We always kick ass!

If keen contact me KillerPlayer_officer on line or search the IGN KILLER_PLAYER
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