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Hey Summoners! October is a very exciting month, we’ve got a lot of cool things coming to The Contest. There’s the My Little Symbiote event, the Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer Event Quest, the Occult Labs (more information on these coming soon!), our 20.1 update and our annual presence at New York Comic Con.

We wanted to take a quick second to call out a few small things that may get lost in the shuffle of this, that we feel are new and noteworthy!

New Difficulty Added to October’s Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer Event Quest

For one month only, we are giving you a new extra level of madness for Blood and Venom: Symbiomancer--Symbiote Difficulty! Experienced Summoners have been asking for more of a challenge, so now… we’ve created a new one! Compared to other monthly quest content, this difficulty will tax your gameplay skills and resources. If you’re up to the challenge, we encourage you to give it a whirl, but we strongly suggest you bring along a well-developed Summoned Symbioid! If you don’t, you’ll have even MORE of a challenge on your hands. You’ll be able to review the rewards before taking it on, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. We’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts on this new challenge. This new level of difficulty will automatically unlock on October 17th, and is level locked to level 40+ so less experienced Summoners don’t accidentally wander into the Pain Zone.

Master Difficulty Unlock Changes

Speaking of Master Difficulty, that’s something else we are changing - you will no longer need the ‘key’ to unlock this difficulty. You want to jump right in? Go right ahead! This has long been requested by Summoners, and we’re excited to bring this change to the Battlerealm!. We hope you’ll enjoy this new change, and we promise this is the last time it switches back!

October’s Log-In Calendar
Last but not least, we have made some special changes to the October Log-In calendar. We’ve added a Tier 4 Class Catalyst, some 5* shards, and have extended the Calendar by a few days. One thing that is very important for Summoners to note, is that the October calendar will not have a grace period - this is due to the addition of the extra days. So make sure that you are on top of those logins every day, for the month of October!

We hope you’ll enjoy everything coming to The Contest in October… and stay tuned, because we have even more in store for you all before the end of 2018!
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