Free To Play is accepting skilled Summoners

Open to new additions prefer lv+45
No donations
No additional chat
We are active in both Aq & Aw
NO hoopla!

Free To Play or Tag: No Do


  • 4Thisnamed_site4Thisnamed_site Posts: 318
    Currently we have space to fill. Including officer positions. We are: Free To Play.
    Hero rating 250 Thousand and up please. (Can make exceptions)

    No donation required!

    No additional chats required!
    (When needed there is “line”)

    We focus on AQ's to get the rank up resources and materials we need to rank up our champs. We do Alliance Quests ranging from map 1 up to map 4. It is mandatory and that is why I am posting this information because I am recruiting for replacements.

    Alliance Wars are done when requested. AW's are 100% players choice for participating, if they want in war.

    In my Alliance we are primarily adults; we're adults with lives. We are mature and doing real life related things FIRST. If you are active, send request to Our Alliance. Free To Play.

    So long as players Communicate their needs, things run smooth.

    Send us a request so you can join us.

    Thank you, & Welcome in advance.

  • 4Thisnamed_site4Thisnamed_site Posts: 318
    Have space available for a few more. Total of 10 with room for 11.
  • 4Thisnamed_site4Thisnamed_site Posts: 318
    Few more spots available. See details above.

    Free To Play
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