Thank You Kabam

Hi. I came back to Mcoc to check it out after few months and I'm possitively shocked by changes I see. Infinity dungeons is very good concept, which creates awesome gaming experience, letting player interact with other player more and using bigger part of roster, also making up for taking away possibility to aim for specific 5star champions via removing featured 5star crystal earlier this year, with addition of dungeons store. Letting officers set different maps for different bg's and changing aq score calculation method allows players from different levels of progression to play in same guild. More reasonable reworks of old champions, awesome. Some adjustements rewards from events - long overdue, still awesome. Danger rooms are dope as hell as well. Gold shortage adressed, t1a shortage adressed. All of that makes up for great improvement in gaming experience that McoC offers and it really shows that company is trying to improve it, and that there are finally people who actually know what they are doing behind this game, which was hardly the case back in 2017. Thank you, Kabam!


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