Suggestion about pilot penalty.

A lot of allies got ranked down in seasons cause of piloting.
However they will drop into gold1 and are outmatched for the people in the gold1 category.
Is it not a better options to;
Suspense them for the season rewards.
Or reset the made points till 0
This is more fair to the rest of the allies fighting for there place.
And also it will scare of more to pilot.


  • shingbabshingbab Posts: 119
    I believe that is how it will work this time.
    Matchmaking is done on war rating (not season points) afaik. Last time they removed war rating which had the exact effect you're talking about.

    This time they should continue to fight against similar rated alliances but will end up in a different reward bracket - a step in the right direction. Next time I wish they would review all matches undertaken and reward the victory bonus to those alliances who lost out to cheaters.
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