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4* R4 Rank Up Choice - Killmonger or Medusa - Both Upduped

I know Medusa is god tier but I'm not sure if she still is if unduped? With no other factors considering, I would R4 Medusa since her damage is still high but I have a 5* Corvus and Venom so I'm not in a rush for another cosmic champ. Skill, on the other-hand, is a class I don't have a good champ for, other than Killmonger.

What's more important, prioritizing higher damage champions always, regardless or class, or prioritizing a balanced team (in terms of trying to get a high ranked champion of each class)?

I'm level 48 and have been playing for a little over 3 months for reference. Four 5*'s and twenty 4*'s.

4* R4 Rank Up Choice - Killmonger or Medusa - Both Upduped 20 votes

deadcrimeKozelDarkYashasweevardhanNoob2435FhfjghhggggjfhfjgSukhjeetØØØ 6 votes
VoluntarisallinashesSpeedbumpJim0172StucatDean9300450CupidAlexanderpspumrjake57BlackJ4zzLordNeoSuelEtjamaLucky25 14 votes


  • Both great champs. You'll want to dupe Killmonger eventually (he seems pretty readily available in crystals; seems like everyone has him) but I would go with him right now for sure.
  • ChuckiesolChuckiesol Posts: 60
    Okay, thanks for your input Krumble and the votes guys, I think I'll go with Killmonger.
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