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Omega Red spores capped at 10

Experimenting with new champ, 5/50 awakened 4* Omega Red with mutant crit Team in ROL versus WS and his spores would Cap at 10 and not go beyond.


  • WelderofortuneWelderofortune Posts: 527 ★★
    Try enabling your death field, that works for me.
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,318 ★★★
    edited September 2018
    Read his abilities/spotlight again. It’s designed that way. He can activate his death field when he reaches 10 spores and they cap out at 10 as well. You need to try and hold onto it basically. When you do activate death field it goes up to 30. Is it still stuck at 10 when that happens?
  • Thanks re-read his abilities and noted that it is normally capped at 10, needs death field to get to 30
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