Alliance War Integrity

RixobRixob Posts: 505 ★★
Sooo i noticed the past three wars ive had, the opponents have literally walked through our defense.
Historically, we get more defender kills than our opposition, but this season is different.
3 alliance wars in a row, our opponent had less than 30 deaths across 3 battle groups.
Either our defense is horrible (it isnt) or we as an alliance suck at attacking, or people are piloting.

I did take into account the changes of nodes, mystic dispersion etc.
I also saw a post on Reddit with alliances who had been deducted for piloting and two of the alliances we faced were on that list.

Piloting is alive and well again, i can confidently say that. I remember when Kabam brought the hammer down the first time, we were killing it. We dont pilot so the next war we immediately saw the difference. We are a 16m ally we were taking out 18-20m alliances.
So yeah, piloting is back.
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