Which 5* to max first

I am at the point I can get my first maxed 5*, and I'm looking for some input. Background, I recently completed my first pass through Act 5, so my goals now are full Act 5 exploration and I am hoping to do LOL sometime in the near(ish) future for the first time. I have a strong roster with 8 rank 4 5*s; I previously didn't have any I wanted to take to rank 5 until numbers 7 and 8 (thus now my dilemma). Please, if you can, provide insight behind your choices. My key options are:

Which 5* to max first 12 votes

5* Unawakened Spiderman (Stark Enhanced) to Rank 5 right now
GrafikdevAanthosimolazJfk1967spaceoctopusBlackJ4zzFhfjghhggggjfhfjgHerrPopop 8 votes
5* Unawakened Corvus Glaive to Rank 5 when I get 3 more cosmic T4CC
XillymanMorrybluebubble100Bdavis_2017 4 votes
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