iPad battery consumption during game play - drained 100% battery in one hour

Hi guys, need some help, I have been dealing this battery life situation for long and never got to a point where I can be more specific that this issue is with iOS or with Mcoc game play. I took two images before and after game play and the battery drain was insane.


The above images show battery life % and time , if you see 32 min of game play and 32 % of battery life was gone , if it consumes the battery this fast how can I play for long.

I have updated iOS and MCOC version.



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    Might not be an mcoc problem. all batteries in phones/pads/tablets are lithium ion. These batteries deteriorate overtime and don't store charge as well as they used to. Im not sure if it only drains when using mcoc or not, but your best bet would be to completely drain the battery to zero and let it auto-shut off. Once this happens, leave it turned off and on the charger until it gets all the way to 100%. This cycle allows the battery to be recalibrated. I would run this cycle twice to just to be on the safe side.

    If this doesn't fix your battery life issue, then it may very well be a problem with the new update. Hope this helps!
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