New Dexterity and Burden of Might interaction

Device and Version: Iphone 8

Device Operating System: iOS 11.1.1

Mobile Carrier:AT&T.

Cellular or WiFi: Only confirmed on carrier, but had thought I noticed it prior on wifi

Game Version Installed: Latest version

Game Mode: Definitely confirmed in latest event quest

Champions Affected: Have seen it effect multiple(blade, GR, x-23)

Active Boosts: No

Description of the Issue: It appears that whenever dexterity goes away on hit now, you are getting power drained by burden of might twice. I am not sure if it happens immediately when you hit and then when it actually ends, or if it is one immediately followed by the other, as they are generally very close together. You get the on screen pop up of power drain twice, and your power is impacted twice as well.

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