Techs turn

There has been two science champs who have been buffed. Now there is two cosmic who are buffed. Next tech.

I say Punisher 2099, and Hulkbuster should get a buff. Some may disagree with the Punisher 2099, but trust me, in today's game he is cool and all, but not worth anything in gameplay.


  • SmashSmash Posts: 607
    Hopefully Skill. My 6* DD has absolutely no use
  • I think the 3 champs who need a buff most are IMMORTAL Iron Fist, and unstoppable colossus, and colossus. IIF and UC are very difficult to obtain, so for them being so rare they deserve a buff. Not asking for god tier, but something that actually makes them useful and worth the time it takes to get them.

    For example, I think UC should get ALL abilities of BOTH colossus and juggernaut. Considering that they both aren't that good, (well, jugs got a small buff that makes him useful for war) I think that would be a fair rework for UC
  • Iron patriot needs a buff more than punisher 2099
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